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head slightly and wearing his grave smile. " I'm sorry I'm
late/' he said, " but I ain't been on time since General Buell
beat me and General Bragg to Louisville and saved our
glorious Commonwealth of Kentucky for Mr. Lincoln/'
The Senator, with outstretched hand, moved quickly toward
him, saying: "Why, that's all right, plenty of time. Come
up to the fire and warm up."

"Thank you," and Captain Todd moved around the
group, shaking hands with each man. Then he stood on the
hearth and spread his long, brown fingers to the vigorous
blaze. " Right sharp outside," he said.

"Where's your boy?" the Senator asked.

"I put him in the other room," Captain Todd replied.
** He's reading a book he found out there, or "—and he
paused, smiling—"I reckon he's reading. He claims he
knows how."

"Ill go speak to him," the Senator said. He turned at
the door. " I'll be back in a minute; then we can start."

Mr. Munn looked at Captain Todd, who was still leaning
toward the blaze with his fine, strong-looking hands spread out
for the warmth. The brown skin was splotched a little, he
noticed, and the veins across the back looked too big. He
wondered if Captain Todd's boy would be like the Captain.
He did favour the Captain, he remembered, or rather he had
favoured him three or four years before. He hadn't seen the
boy now for some time, not since he went off to college. In
Virginia, the Senator had said. That was right, he remem-
bered, the boy had gone to Virginia to college, to Washington
and Lee. Before he left, the boy had favoured the Captain,
talish and cleanly put together, with blue-green eyes,' like
the Captain's, and a good nose. That was nice of the Senator
to take the trouble to go out and speak to the boy. He was
a good man, the Senator, but Captain Todd was a better.
Tbe test of the lot But the Senator was a good man.

Before four o'clock everybody who was not going to spend
the might had left. They had driven off down the hill in the